Progressive Overtime Lawsuit

File Owners and Manage Repair Representatives are suing Progressive for failing to pay overtime.

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Who are the Defendants?
What is this case about?
What court is the case filed in?
How do I join?
Who are the lawyers representing the plaintiffs?
How much can I expect to get?
What is the status of the case?

I. Who are the Defendants?

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

II. What is this case about?

Overtime Pay. We claim in this law suit that Progressive violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by not paying their Managed Repair Representatives (MRRs) and File overtime when they worked more than 40 hours a week.

III. What court is the case filed in?

This case is filed in United States District Court, Eastern District of New York.

IV. Should I fear retaliation?

No. It is illegal to retaliate against an employee who joins a lawsuit like this. If you experience retaliation, we will help you.

V. How do I join?

Contact us. Contact Lichten Liss-Riordan, P.C. at 617-994-5800 to discuss joining the case.

VI. Where can I go to get answers to my questions?

Call us. You are always welcome to call us at Hayber Law Firm, we will do our best to answer your questions. Our number is 860-522-8888.

VII. Who are the lawyers representing the plaintiffs?

Hayber Law Firm, LLC., and Lichten Liss-Riordan, P.C. The employees who brought this lawsuit are being represented by the Hayber Law Firm, in Hartford, CT and Lichten Liss-Riordan, P.C. in Boston, MA. We are experienced lawyers and have successfully handled cases like this in the past.

VIII. How much can I expect to get?

It depends. We claim that MRRs and File Owners are entitled to unpaid overtime wages, for the last two years, and attorney’s fees.

IX. Will I have to pay any legal fees or costs?

No. We have agreed to work on this case on a “contingency” basis which means that our fee, and reimbursement for our costs, will come, if at all, out of any settlement. The court will closely supervise our fee petition and ensure that it is fair to the class.

X. What is the status of the case?

The following represents the status of the case as of the date indicated:

DATE                                     COURT FILING                                   DESCRIPTION

February 28th, 2017  Complaint This is the lawsuit itself which includes the detailed allegations of wrongdoing.

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I worked for a retailer and was a Plaintiff in a class action for unpaid overtime wages. Hayber Law Firm did an amazing job of getting our unpaid overtime back to us. Every one at the firm that I dealt with through that process was wonderful to work with. I appreciate all they did for us more than you will ever know.
- L. LeHeup, Georgia