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Necessity of a Pink Slip

Can My Employer Deny Me a Pink Slip?

In Connecticut, while it is the preferred practice for an employer to provide you with a pink slip, on termination, you don’t need one to collect unemployment benefits.

To collect unemployment benefits, you simply need to call or go online and make a claim.  The fact that you don’t have a pink slip will not result in the denial of your claim. 

Generally, if you are terminated from your job, but not for willful misconduct, you are entitled to unemployment benefits.  If you quit, you are not entitled to benefits, unless you quit for legally sufficient cause attributable to your employer.  An example would be sexual harassment that your employer refused to correct after you complained. 

You should always make your unemployment claim right away since you are only allowed to collect starting in the week in which you make your claim.  If you wait a week, you will lose your right to collect that week’s benefits.

Good luck!!!

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