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At Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore, our Holyoke employment law attorneys offer experienced, solutions-centered advocacy to each and every client. We put forward the resources and attention to the small details to handle your case the right way. Do you have questions about a workplace issue? Our legal team can help. Call us at (413) 785-1400 for your confidential case evaluation with an experienced Massachusetts employment law attorney. 

An Overview of Employment Law Services in Holyoke

Discrimination in the Workplace

Under federal law and Massachusetts law, many workers are protected against discriminatory practices in employment. You may have been the victim of illegal workplace discrimination if you were treated less favorably than other workers or job applicants because of: 

  • Race;

  • Color;

  • National origin;

  • Sex/gender;

  • Sexual orientation;

  • Gender identity; 

  • Age;

  • Pregnancy status; or 

  • Disability status.

Through a workplace discrimination claim, you may be entitled to back pay and other forms of financial compensation. Call our workplace discrimination lawyers to schedule a fully private review of your employment law case. 

Wage and Hour Disputes

Wage and hour laws are the primary regulations that ensure that workers actually get the full pay that they earned based on their contributions. Our  wage and hour attorneys represent employees in the full spectrum of employment law cases, including: 

  • Minimum wage violations;

  • Unpaid overtime claims; and

  • Failure to send a final paycheck. 

Protecting Employee Rights

As an employee, you have a number of different rights in the workplace. Whether negotiated as part of an employment agreement or required by federal or state law, your rights must be protected. All workers must be able to exercise their basic rights without the fear of punishment or retribution from their employer. If your company or organization is treating you worse because you filed a complaint or otherwise exercised your rights, you may have been the victim of retaliation. Call our law firm now for help with a retaliation claim .

Fighting Back Against Wrongful Termination 

Wrongful termination occurs when an employer fires, lays off, or forces out a worker for an illegal reason. An unfair firing might not be a wrongful termination. An employee must prove that they were removed on an unlawful basis. Some examples include: 

  • Discrimination;

  • Retaliation; and

  • Breach of contract.

If you believe that you were fired illegally, you should schedule a confidential case evaluation with an employment law attorney. Our wrongful termination lawyers are standing by, ready to conduct an in-depth review of your case. We will protect your rights and help you get compensation. 

Call Our Holyoke Employment Attorneys for Immediate Legal Help

Our employee rights lawyers represent every worker with passion, experience, and exceptional professional skill. Call us at (413) 785-1400 or get in touch with us online for a confidential review and evaluation of your case. We represent employees in Holyoke and throughout all of Hampden County, including in Agawam, Chicopee, Springfield, West Springfield, and Westfield.