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Proposed Bill Gives Connecticut workers more sick leave rights.

The proposed new sick leave act will provide more Connecticut employees with greater protection from losing their job because of illness.  There is a bill pending in the Connecticut General Assembly, Senate bill 217, which if passed would provide greater sick leave rights to more Connecticut employees.  Contrary to some opinion, this bill is much needed and is not a repeat of the protections that already are provided by our Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act.  That law only protects employees who work for employers with 75 or more employees.  This new law would apply to employers with 25 or more employees.  Furthermore, it would require “paid” sick leave.  The FMLA does not require employees to be paid.  Finally, it would apply to any illness, not just the “serious health conditions” covered by the FMLA.  Employees and their lawyers should urge the passage of this bill.