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Too many people without insurance!

Instead of another analysis of a recent case, I thought I’d report about my own experiences lately as an employee rights lawyer.  I get lots of calls from recently terminated employees. Most do not have legal claims that their termination is unlawful.  Most recently have been “laid off” due to this terrible economy.  The most troubling and sad thing they tell me is that they now will have no insurance.  I have recently had a pregnant woman and a man who needs oxygen tanks sit in my office wringing their hands because they just don’t know how they will obtain health care for themselves and their families.  This should not be.  This country, and if not the country, our state, should have universal health coverage that is not lost when you lose your job.  I hope I don’t need to make an argument that this is so.  Access to health care is too important to be dependent on the whims of employers, the economy and wall street.  Our system needs fixing.