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Termination Due to Pregnancy

Can my employer fire me for being pregnant?

No, your employer cannot fire you because of your pregnancy.  There are a number of federal and state laws that provide you protection and prevent your employer from terminating you while you are pregnant.  In Connecticut, the Connecticut Family Medical Leave Act will allow you to take up to 16 weeks off for medical leave regarding your pregnancy and your post-pregnancy recovery.  The Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act (CFEPA) also may allow you to take additional time if necessary.  CFEPA has no specific time limitation on the amount of leave a pregnant employee can take.  Instead, CFEPA requires only the time frame of the leave be “reasonable.”  You may also be protected under the Federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Federal Family Medical Leave Act.


The law in this area is complex, and the protection that you receive under these laws may depend on the size of your employer.  For more information these laws, please look at our website’s information regarding the Family Medical Leave Act or the links provided below.
· Pregnancy Discrimination
· Family Medical Leave Act
· Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act
· Connecticut Family Medical Leave Act