Legality of Love Contracts


It is unclear, but your employer probably cannot force you to sign a Love Contract.  A “Love Contract” is a policy that some employers now require employees to sign if they are dating someone in the workplace.  The “Love Contracts” generally say that the two individuals are entering into the relationship consensually and may also establish workplace guidelines for dating.


In some ways, a Love Contract is simply another office policy, and if you disobey it, it is the same as violating any other company policy.  Because Connecticut is an at-will employment state, your employer could fire you for refusing to sign the Love Contract or for violating it.  On the other hand, a Love Contract is different than other office policies in that it is so personal – forcing employees to sign one of these agreements could constitute an invasion of privacy.
Keep in mind that even if your employer can make you sign a Love Contract if you are dating a co-worker, the Contract is valid only for the time that you are dating.  Keep in mind that a Love Contract cannot bar you from bringing a claim for actions that happen after the relationship ends, such as potential sexual harassment claims.
Not many employers require dating employees to sign Love Contracts, but a number of different articles suggest that Love Contracts may become more common in the future.  For additional information on “Love Contracts,” see the articles listed below:

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