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Family Dollar sued in Connecticut (and elsewhere!)

It had to happen.  Sooner or later, one or more of the Family Dollar managers who weren’t lucky enough to be included in the now famous $54,000,000 case and who still weren’t reclassified, were going to bring a new case.  Well, it happened.

Ruth Friedman, a Store Manager in Stamford, Connecticut in 2007 and 2008 has brought a lawsuit seeking to represent all other Connecticut Family Dollar managers during the last two years.  Her suit will likely be transferred to the multi-district litigation docket in North Carolina, where approximately fourteen other cases from around the country are consolidated.

Hopefully, retailers will start to get the message that managers aren’t managers just because you slap a label on them.  Their primary duty has to be management.  Thanks to Ruth and others for keeping the pressure on retailers to enforce these important laws.