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Can my boss fire me for wearing a Green Bay Packers’ tie?


Unfortunately, yes.  As you can see from the article below, a Chicago car salesman was fired for wearing a Packers’ tie to work.  His boss had spent a good deal of time promoting his company’s connection to the Chicago Bears.

If you didn’t fully comprehend the power of the At Will doctrine of employment law, you should now.  This doctrine is one of the principle reasons that unions exist.  Union employees cannot be fired except for “just cause.”

 There are exceptions to this rule, of course.  For example, if the salesman wore the tie after being told that he could wear any tie he wanted, he might be able to sue for misrepresentation.  If he wore it to support the Packer players’ opposition to the NFL’s proposed 18 game schedule which he believed was an unfair labor practice, he might have a claim under the NLRA.  In any event, enjoy:

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