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Outsourcing Your Own Job

Can my employer fire me for 
outsourcing my own job?


One clever employee at an American company figured out a way to get his work done and watch cat videos all day: he paid a Chinese contractor about 1/5 of his salary to do his work.
To read more about this employee click HERE

When the company discovered that he had done this, the employee was fired.

If this person were an independent contractor instead of an employee, it wouldn’t matter if he had “subcontracted” his work. An independent contractor, under Connecticut law, has the ability to direct his or her own work; that is, as long as the job gets done, it doesn’t matter where or how the work is done. Some companies misclassify their employees as independent contractors in order to save money on taxes. This is an illegal practice and if you think you may have been misclassified as an independent contractor, contact the Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore.