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Can companies get away with all these robo-calls?

No.  Robo calls, or solicitation calls made by automated dialers, are illegal.  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits unsolicited text messages or calls made by auto-dialers.  Class action lawsuits can be brought to stop these annoying and invasive practices.  The company can be made to pay $500 per violation (this means per call!).

The following information can help you when you receive such a call:

Telephone Consumer Protection Act ~ Unsolicited Text/Robocall Claim Sheet

Text Messages Or Voice Mail Messages
*    If you get a text message or voice mail message on your cell phone – Save the Text or Message and email to joann@hayberlawfirm.com

If you get a voice mail message on your land line, save the voice mail and contact us at (860) 522-8888.

Live Calls
*    If you get a call from an unknown number on your land line or cell phone, answer it.
*    If there is a delay (silence for a second or two) when you answer, it is probably a robocall. A robocall will either:
*    Start with a recorded message which will give you options, such as “press 1 to speak to a live operator.” Always choose the live operator option.
*        Have a live person come on right away. In either case, the caller must tell you the name of the business making the call, and its phone number or address. If they don’t, ask.

*    Listen to the sales pitch, but don’t agree to buy anything. Just ask for the information below in a non-confrontational way.

Record as much of this information as possible:
Name of Company Calling
Company they are Calling For
Date of Call
Number Called From
Service/Products They Are Selling
What they said to you

(what was their sales pitch?)

Before this call, did you ever ask them not to call you?

Are you on the Do Not Call List?