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Can my employer make me work on a holiday?

With the somewhat dubious holiday of Columbus Day approaching, the question come up- can my employer make me work on a state/federal holiday?  The answer is yes, and the rule’s not limited to dubious holidays, either.
There is no law requiring employers to give any time off for holidays.  If you need a holiday off for religious observance, then you may be entitled to a religious accommodation, depending on the needs of the employer.  However, this time does not have to be paid.
What if you end up having to work on a holiday that’s paid time off for other employees?  There isn’t any rule on this- it depends on the employer’s policies.

Often, an employer will allow you to take another day off paid to compensate. If you believe that this benefit is being applied unfairly, you may be the subject of discrimination in some way.Contact The Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore if you think you’ve been discriminated against!