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Can my employer use a GPS system to monitor me when I use a vehicle provided by my employer?

Yes.  Your employer may be able to use a global positioning system (GPS) to monitor your location while you are in a company-owned or company-provided vehicle.

While there are statutes in Connecticut which limit an employer’s ability to electronically monitor employees (see Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 31-48b, 31-48d), at least one court has found that when an employee is not located on company premises, these statutes do not apply.  See Gerardi v. Bridgeport, 2007 WL 4755007.

Where your employer is electronically monitoring your behavior AT the workplace, they are allowed to do this only if they provide notice.  (For more information on this topic, see “Can My Employer Monitor My Email and Internet Usage?” (Vol. 21)  located in the Can They Do That Archives on our website.)

There is no similar requirement that your employer provide notice if they are monitoring your use of company property (such as a company vehicle) while you are off-duty or off company premises.

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