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Can I collect unemployment if I am not completely unemployed?

Yes, you may be able to collect unemployment even if you are not completely unemployed.

One of the basic requirements to collect unemployment is that you are . You may be considered partially unemployed if your employer cuts your hours (for example you go from working 40 hours a week to working 15) or if you are working multiple jobs and lose one. In order to be eligible for partial unemployment payments, you must (1) be employed less than full-time, (2) be able and available to work and (3) you did not refuse additional hours.

Additionally, the same general rules apply to partial unemployment claims as to fully unemployment claims. For example, if the reason for your reduction in hours or loss of one of your jobs is due to willful misconduct, or is voluntary (i.e. you quit), you may not be entitled to collect unemployment. For additional information, visit the Department of Labor’s Unemployment Website.

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