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Can Fox News Be Sued Again, Even Though It Fired Bill O’Reilly (and what is a “falafel thing” anyway)

Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Yes, and you don’t want to know!

Discrimination laws date back to 1965. These laws make discrimination on account of sex, including sexual harassment in the workplace, illegal and impose liability on employers who knowingly permit sexual harassment to occur.

Just because Bill O’Reilly has been fired, doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be more claims. Women can bring sexual harassment claims for up to 300 days under federal law. There are also state law claims that could be brought including assault and battery (for unwanted touching). In Connecticut, these claims can be brought up to three years from the date of the conduct.

It could be that more women have been sexually harassed at Fox News over the past few years. Firing Mr. O’Reilly doesn’t fix the problem, although it is a good first step.

To find out what a “falafel thing” is, read this article about the details of the allegations against Mr. O’Reilly.