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Can My Employer Deny Overtime to Claims Adjusters?

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Yes – but only if you really are a claims adjuster!

Under Federal overtime law, Insurance Claims Adjusters are exempt and not entitled to overtime pay. Sometimes, however, insurance companies label employees as exempt adjusters when in fact they are not.

These days many insurance companies have reorganized their claims departments and now have a number of junior level positions that perform mostly non-exempt work. Job titles like Customer Service Representative, File Owner, Claims Representative, Auto Damage Appraiser, and other similar positions are sometimes mis-classified as exempt claims adjusters. Employees in these positions are mis-classified as exempt if they do not have the authority to act independently to negotiate and settle claims.
In this case, they could be entitled to overtime pay.
For more information on mis-classification of insurance claims representatives and other wage issues, see our post here, or contact us.