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Massachusetts Unpaid
Prevailing Wage Lawyer

The Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law

State and federal laws require that employers who work on public works projects pay their workers a special minimum wage referred to as the “prevailing wage.” The prevailing wage is based on the type of job performed and determined by the Office of Labor and Workforce Development. Many employers attempt to circumvent the prevailing wage by paying their employees less than the assigned rate. For instance, employers might claim that a worker is performing work under a lower-paying job category, or that the worker is performing work “offsite” rather than on the public works site. 

When an employee is not paid the prevailing wage rate, he or she may be entitled to triple damages and reasonable attorney’s fees. If you believe that you have not been paid the appropriate prevailing rate for time spent working on public works projects, contact us today. With offices in Springfield and Northampton, our Massachusetts wage and hour lawyers are ready to fight for your rights.