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Wage and Hour Law Lawyer

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At Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore, LLC, our New Haven wage and hour law lawyers are experienced and aggressive advocates for worker rights. Our mission is to get you the full and fair financial compensation that you earned. If you or your loved one had your wage and hour rights violated by an employer, we are more than qualified to help. To arrange a strictly confidential initial consultation with an experienced Connecticut wage and hour attorney, please call our New Haven office at (203) 691-6491 or connect with us directly online. 

We Handle the Full Range of Wage and Hour Claims in New Haven

Wage and hour laws are the labor regulations that govern employee pay. The primary federal wage and hour law is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Beyond that, Connecticut also has several key state-level wage and hour protections in place. At Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore, LLC, we assist employees with all types of wage and hour claims in Connecticut. Among other types of cases, our New Haven wage and hour attorneys can represent you with: 

Many employees are worried that they will lose their job if they file a complaint against their employer. Please know that you have the right to report a wage and hour complaint without facing retaliation from your company or organization. If you were terminated or otherwise punished for reporting a wage and hour issue, your rights were violated. Call our New Haven workplace retaliation lawyers for immediate assistance. 

You Can Rely On Our New Haven Wage and Hour Lawyers

Employment law is complicated. At Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore, LLC, our employee rights advocates are focused on protecting the interests of workers. In our wage and hour practice, we have handled a wide variety of different cases—and we are ready to get started working on your behalf. When you get in touch with our New Haven office, you will have a chance to speak to a Connecticut wage and hour lawyer who can: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your case;

  • Answer your questions and explain your legal options;

  • Gather all documents, records, and evidence;

  • Take immediate action to get you the wage and benefits you earned. 

We know that no two wage and hour claims are identical. You deserve legal guidance from a New Haven employment attorney who will put forward the time, effort, and resources to get you the best results. With creativity and knowledge of the law, our legal team strives to bring a fair and successful resolution to your wage and hour case. 

Call Our New Haven Wage and Hour Attorneys for Immediate Help

At Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore, LLC, our Connecticut wage and hour claims lawyers are aggressive, solutions-oriented advocates for employee rights. We will help you get the wages you earned. For a confidential employment law consultation, please contact our New Haven office at (203) 691-6491 or send us a message online. We are proud to represent employees throughout all of New Haven County, including in Ansonia, Derby, Milford, Meridien, Waterbury, West Haven, Brandford, Orange, and Oxford.