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Automobile Damage Appraisers

Many automobile damage appraisers are wrongfully denied overtime wages. They typically work for big insurance companies, work from home, drive far and wide, work long hours for a fixed salary. They are not managers, professionals or administrators, but they are still denied overtime pay.

Auto Damage Lawyer

If you are an automobile damage appraiser (sometimes called Managed Repair Representative or MRR) and have been classified as exempt you may be entitled to back overtime pay. An experienced Connecticut attorney can help determine if you have a case and the best approach to take.

Connecticut Wage and Hour Lawyer for Automobile Damage Appraisers

When an insurance company classifies you as an exempt salaried employee, you don’t get extra pay for the overtime hours you work. Automobile Damage Appraisers or Managed Repair Reps (MRRs) often work long hours in the field, appraising damage to cars and then come home to do even more work in the evening. Unfortunately, they usually don’t get paid for this extra overtime work.

The lawyers at the Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore have successfully represented classes of automobile damage appraisers in federal class actions. If you have questions about your rights, contact the Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore.

But I am salaried. Doesn’t that mean I don’t get overtime?

No. Just because your employer tells you that you are salaried, doesn’t mean they are right. Employers violate these laws all the time because it saves them millions of dollars in wages. The test is whether you exercise discretion and independent judgment. Usually, automobile damage appraisers let their computer do their work for them, telling them how much to pay the owner of a damaged car. The courts usually rule that these duties are non-exempt and eligible for overtime pay.

What if my title isn’t “Automobile Damage Appraiser?”

These jobs sometimes go by different titles. Sometimes they are called Field Reps, Managed Repair Reps, Physical Damage Reps, or other similar titles. If your primary duty is to appraise damages automobiles and write checks to insureds or body shops, you are probably eligible for overtime.