Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Unpaid Wages Investigation

Hayber, Mckenna & Dinsmore is investigating Outback Steakhouse for minimum wage violations related to servers

I. What is this investigation about?

Minimum Wage.  Restaurants must pay their servers the full minimum wage., currently $11.00/hr. in Connecticut, for their entire shift if they make those servers do side-work and fail to pay the side-work at the full minimum wage.  We allege that Outback Steakhouse assigns sidework but pays the lower server wage, $6.38/hr. for all hours worked, including side-work.  We allege that this practice violates the law.  

In 2017, a Connecticut judge awarded a server $22,455.94 in back wages against a restaurant who had a similar practice.  

II. Where can I learn more about the law?

Click here.  The Connecticut Department of Labor’s Gratuities in the Restaurant Industry webpage has more information about what constitutes “service” and “non-service” work (side-work). 

III. What about servers in other states?

Our firm is also interested in learning more from servers outside of Connecticut. Some states, such as Illinois, have similar laws that we believe the company may be violating.

IV. Where can I go if I have questions or information that might help the investigation?

Call us.  You are always welcome to call us at Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore. Our number is 860-522-8888.  

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