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HomeWorks Energy, Inc.
Class Action

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Complaint Filed: February 5, 2021

Installation team members suing HomeWorks for illegal pay deductions and unpaid overtime.

Have you or anyone you know worked as a Team Lead, Installer, Tech, or Auditor at HomeWorks Energy, Inc.?

1. Who are the Defendants?

HomeWorks Energy, Inc., a Massachusetts based company providing energy assessments and installation services. Also, company President, Martijn Fleuren and company Treasurer, Max Veggeberg. 

2. What is this case about?

Wage Deductions and Unpaid Overtime.  In this lawsuit, we claim that HomeWorks illegally deducted amounts from worker’s pay for so-called “disincentives.”  We also claim that Homeworks failed to adjust worker’s incentive pay for hours worked in excess of forty per week resulting in unpaid overtime wages.

3. What court was this case filed in?

Federal Court.  This case is pending in the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts.

4. Should I fear retaliation?

No.  It is illegal to retaliate against an employee who joins a lawsuit like this.  If you experience retaliation, we will help you.

5. How can I join?

Contact Us. You can call our office at 860-522-8888 to discuss participating in this case.

6. Who are the lawyers?

Hayber McKenna and Dinsmore, LLC.

7. How much can I expect to get?

It depends on how long you worked at HomeWorks and what position you held.  We claim that workers should receive unpaid wages, triple damages, and attorney’s fees.

8. Will I have to pay any legal fees or costs?

No.  We have agreed to work on this case on a “contingency” basis which means that our fee, and reimbursement for our costs, will come, if at all, out of any settlement.  The court will closely supervise our fee petition and ensure that it is fair to the class.