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Are you paid a commission or bonus? Have you recently been let go? Are you owed compensation? Are you unsure how to get your employer to pay?

Commissions, bonuses or other forms of incentive compensation are considered earned compensation in Connecticut, just like salary or hourly wages. It is illegal for an employer not to pay compensation that you have earned, even if you have left the company, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Our laws allow you to sue for the unpaid compensation, and make a claim for double damages and attorneys fees if your employer’s failure to pay was arbitrary, unreasonable or in bad faith.

You may be entitled to your bonus even if you did not complete the full calendar year. Many courts have awarded pro rata calculations of annual bonuses. Furthermore, any employer compensation plan which requires you to forfeit your earned bonus or commission if you leave the company is illegal.

Our law firm is experienced and aggressive and knows how to enforce these laws. Claims should be made within two years to have the best results, although it may be possible to make claims beyond that period.