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CT Age Discrimination Attorney

Age may be just a number, but for many employers, it is a number that factors in employment decisions, including in hiring or firing employees. Connecticut has strong laws against employment discrimination based on age. The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities report that age is one of the most common bases of discrimination complaints.

Connecticut Age Discrimination Lawyer

If you’ve been terminated or faced other negative employment action due to your age, including harassment, you may have a legal claim against your employer. Connecticut law bans employment discrimination on the basis of age, whether you are old or young. The Hartford age discrimination lawyers at Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore can fight for you. Fill out our online form today so we can review the details of your case.

We are proud to represent victims of age discrimination throughout Connecticut, including Hartford, Stamford, Milford, New Haven and Bridgeport.

Key Issues in Connecticut Age Discrimination Claims

If you’ve believe you’ve been the victim of age discrimination, a few key issues to look out for might be:

  • Are you able to meet all reasonable expectations for someone in your position?

  • Did you experience a negative employment action, like termination or harassment?

  • Is there evidence that your age had anything to do with your employer’s decision?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may have an age discrimination claim.

Stronger Connecticut Age Discrimination Laws

The federal Age Discrimination and Employment Act forbids discrimination based on age, but only if the victim of discrimination is older than 40 years old. Connecticut anti-discrimination law, however, goes further. Connecticut General Statutes Section 46a-60 forbids discrimination on the basis of any age, meaning employment decisions may not be made because an employee is too old or too young.

For instance, June is 65 years old and works as an assistant manager in a sporting goods store in Meriden. Her supervisor calls her into the office and informs her she is being laid off. When she asks why the supervisor says the store is attempting to appeal to a new generation of shoppers, and he does not believe she “fits into the new culture.” June may have a case against her former employer for age discrimination.

Harassment and Age Discrimination

The law prohibits hiring and firing based on age. It also bans other discriminatory actions that are based on an employee’s age, including harassment. Additionally, if an employer is made aware of harassment and does nothing, that employer may be liable for allowing a hostile workplace.

For example, William works as a salesman in a men’s clothing store and is 58 years old. A younger salesman refers to William repeatedly as “Pops.” William feels uncomfortable with the reference and complains to his manager. The manager says that the younger employee means no harm, and William should relax. William may have a cause of action against his employer for allowing a hostile workplace.

Exceptions to Age Discrimination Laws in Connecticut

Age discrimination must be distinguished from bona fide seniority systems that are consistently followed. For example, if Gina is 30 and has been working at her company for five years, and Louis is 65 and has been working at the same company for 30 years, it is not discrimination if Gina is laid off for being less senior than Louis, if the seniority system is consistently applied.

Certain jobs, like police officers and firefighters, may have age requirements under the law and are therefore exempt from age discrimination laws for those specific claims. An employee who is older than 65, has worked for two years in an executive or policy-making position and has a pension or other benefits that pay out at least $44,000 per year may be terminated.

The law also requires the person to be “qualified” for the job. If you are physically unable to perform your job, you may not have an age discrimination claim.

Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore | Hartford Attorney for Age Discrimination

Connecticut law protects workers against discrimination based on age, no matter if your employer believes you are too old or too young. If you have faced negative employment action, like termination, refusal to hire or harassment due to your age, the Hartford age discrimination lawyers at Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore can help you . Contact us today by filling out our online form.