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Company Dissolution and Due Wages

Can my employer avoid paying my wages if my company dissolves?

No.  Under state and federal wage payment laws, the individuals who run the company and are the cause of the wage violations are personally responsible and liable to pay any and all earned wages.  

“an individual personally can be liable as an employer pursuant to § 31-72,  notwithstanding the fact that a corporation is also an employer of the claimant, if  the individual is the ultimate responsible authority to set the hours of employment  and to pay wages and is the specific cause of the wage violation.” 
Butler v. Hartford Technical Institute, Inc., 243 Conn. 454 (1997).  A similar rule applies to employers under the federal FLSA. 
The take away is don’t give up on getting paid for your wages just because your employer dissolved the corporation or LLC.  You can sue your boss individually.  Of course, you must do so within two years.  Good luck.