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Court rules Fed Ex Ground Drivers are Employees!

A federal court in Indiana has ruled that Fed Ex Ground drivers were illegally classified as independent contractors and should have been classified as employees.

The court’s ruling was in the form of an order granting the plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment.  The central issue in the case was whether or not the drivers performed work outside “the usual course and place of business of FedEx when delivering and picking up packages.”

The court held that the “roadways, delivery routes, sales territories and customer premises are the company’s place of business when the worker is representing the company’s interest” and that the “undisputed evidence shows that FedEx drivers represent FedEx’s interest when delivering and picking up packages.”

This holding should go a long way toward resolving the 35 separate class actions pending around the country.  FedEx drivers have been waiting patiently for years and it looks like finally the court system is working for them.

Stayed tuned.