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Can my boss make me work extra while’s he’s away on a sunny vacation?

Probably so.  This question falls under the “at will employment” protection for most employers- in Connecticut, generally you and your employer have a legal relationship by which you can quit for any reason without liability and your employer can fire you for any reason without liability.  However, there are certain circumstances in which you might have legal recourse against an employer who forces you to work more than you generally do:

-if you are an hourly worker who works more than 40 hours in a week and are not paid time-and-a-half for the hours over 40;

-if the extra work causes problems with your health or the health of a family member whom you care for and your employer is aware of this fact;

-if the extra work violates a contract or collective bargaining agreement;

-if you are taking leave pursuant to the federal or state FMLA and are forced to come back to work; or

-if you think the extra work is assigned in a discriminatory or retaliatory manner.

If you think you have been subject to this type of treatment, contact the Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore.