Can my employer make me wait in line for a security screening after I’ve clocked out?

Maybe not- a case challenging this practice is currently in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Read more here: Court Hears Case on Pay for Amazon Workers Screened After Work.

In this case, workers at an Amazon warehouse claim that they have to wait in line for as long as 25 minutes to get searched after they’ve clocked out of their shifts. That is, Amazon makes them undergo the search but will not pay the workers.

The legal question when it comes to pre- and post-liminary activities is whether the practice is an “integral and indispensable part of the primary activities” of the employees’ job. If so, it has to be paid; if not, the employer is off the hook. In this case, Amazon argued that getting searched was not essential to the job of picking and packing at a warehouse, so the time did not have to be paid.


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