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Settlement for Police Officer Fired as a Result of his Mental Disability

Police Officer Blog 6-2-15

The Day reports (Read the article here) that a former police officer in Norwich, Connecticut, negotiated a $1.2 million settlement after being fired from his job in September 2010.  The officer, represented by our friends at Madsen, Prestley & Parenteau, LLC, claimed that he was terminated without being given the required “reasonable accommodation” for a disability required by both Connecticut and federal law.  Attorney Parenteau argued that while other officers were given the opportunity to change duties when they suffered from mental and physical issues, such as the plaintiff’s anxiety and symptoms of obsession.  The case had proceeded all the way through trial and closing arguments before settling.

This is a great result for MPP and the plaintiff in this case.  This settlement will allow the officer to receive about $3,333 per month for 20 years, as he has not been able to find work since he was terminated.  A termination of this type can devastate an employee and his or her family- particularly in an instance like this one, in which the employee had been a police officer for almost 17 years.  The former officer testified in court that he had had no way to support his family since his termination.  This is what these laws are all about- allowing an employee who has not been treated fairly to resume his life and care for his family.