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Three Things You Must Know About How President Trump Will Affect Employee Rights


Like him or hate him, Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States.  Here are three things you must know about how this unfortunate fact will affect employee rights.

  1. He will appoint a Secretary of Labor who will not enforce labor laws as much as President Obama did.
    The Secretary of Labor sets policy and is an important person in the enforcement of our national labor laws.  President Trump will likely choose a pro-business person who will not devote significant resources to helping employees.  Thank goodness President Obama pushed through the recent change to the overtime laws, (increasing the salary threshold to ensure more workers get overtime pay).
  2. He will appoint up to three new Supreme Court justices who will not be friends of employee rights.
    Supreme Court justices are obviously important in the interpretation of employment laws.  President Trump will appoint justices who are pro-business and anti-employee rights and the laws that we have on the books will likely be interpreted more narrowly and provide less protection to employees.
  3. He and his republican Congress will not raise the minimum wage (Republicans always oppose increases in the minimum wage).
    The minimum wage needs to be increased over the years to keep up with inflation.  Republicans always oppose increases.  Don’t count on the minimum wage going up under President Trump.