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Are there “Harvey Weinsteins” in Connecticut?

Me Too Hashtag

Harvey Weinstein was convicted last week on two counts of rape. Mary Louise Kelly of NPR’s “All Things Considered” recently interviewed Ronan Farrow who helped break the story about Harvey Weinstein and spur the Me Too movement. Here in Connecticut, there are women who are victimized by men in positions of power every day. Weinstein’s conduct is not only criminal but gives rise to civil actions to recover money damages by the women who he has harmed.

Connecticut has strong laws to protect women who are subjected to abuse and sexual harassment by their boss.  Lawsuits can be brought under our sexual harassment statute as well as for civil harassment, assault, and battery.  But, there are time limits on the types of actions that women can bring. Women who are victims of workplace sexual harassment often do not know what their rights are or where to begin to take action. Resources like our sexual harassment survival guide can help.  There are also organizations that provide information to victims of sexual harassment, such as the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence and the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund. Women in Connecticut who have been sexually harassed have many rights and protections; they should not hesitate to exercise them. Call (860) 522-8888 today to schedule a consultation.