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Amazon Workers Entitled To Pay For Time Spent In Security Lines

On July 21, 2021, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that workers who were required to stand in security lines after clocking out were entitled to be paid for the time spent in line.  The Pennsylvania law provided that “hours worked” included time that an employer requires its employees to be on the premises or at a prescribed location.  

Massachusetts has a nearly identical law.  Our law also requires employers to pay their employees if they are required to be on their premises or at a prescribed location (like a worksite).  Many industries, such as warehouses, fulfillment centers, manufacturing plants, amusement parks, and hospitals, require workers to spend time in security lines or at security checkpoints while off the clock. 

If you are a Massachusetts worker who is required to be present at the worksite and you aren’t being paid for that time, you may have a claim for unpaid wages.  Contact us to learn more.