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The Top Five Wage Violations in Springfield

There are a number of wage and hour laws set forth in state and federal law. Employees often know this and assume that they are protected from things such as wage theft. Unfortunately, that is not true. Employers do not always uphold the law, prioritizing their own profits over the rights of their employees. Below are the most common wage violations in Springfield all workers should know.

1. Failing to Pay the Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is outlined in federal and state law. Federal law only provides employees with $7.25 an hour. In Massachusetts though,workers are entitled to receive $14.25 an hour if they do not receive tips. Employers do not always pay the proper minimum wage by stating that the worker is subject to an exception when they are not.

2. Failing to Pay for All Hours Worked

Most employees are entitled to payment for every hour worked. Again, employers do not always provide this payment, either. There are again some exceptions to the hourly law, such as when an employee receives a salary and is occasionally expected to stay late or come in early. An employer may tell a worker that their job is an expiation to the hourly law when it is not to avoid paying full wages.

3. Failing to Pay Overtime

Under state and federal law, all employees are entitled to receive 1.5 times their regular pay for every hour worked over 40 hours in one workweek. Employers cannot provide a worker with “comp time” in lieu ofproper overtime pay, and that is just one tactic business owners use to avoid paying overtime.

4. Improper Paycheck Deductions

An employer may also try to withhold an employee’s rightful wages by making improper deductions from their paychecks. For example, employers cannot deduct an employee’s paycheck for a partial day absence. There are also very limited in the deductions they can take for food, lodging, and clothing. Generally speaking, the only deductions an employer can take from paychecks are those for taxes and ordinary payroll deductions.

5. Making Arrangements on the Side

Sometimes, workers are so eager to impress their boss, they may even volunteer to do work for free. They may offer to come in early or stay late but punch in and out at their regular time. Even when an employee offers, employers are not allowed to make such arrangements on the side. The law is very simple. Employees should be paid for all hours worked.

Our Employment Lawyers in Springfield Can Help After a Violation

Employment law is a complex area, but an experienced Springfield employment lawyer at Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore, LLC, can advise you of the law. We will help you make sense of the rules and laws that apply to your case, and advise on the next action to take so you can claim damages for your losses. Call us today at 860-522-8888 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled attorneys and to learn more about how we can help.