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Fresh Market Department Managers Defeat Employer’s Motion!

Yesterday, a federal judge in Connecticut denied Fresh Market’s Motion for Summary Judgment (a kind of motion to dismiss a case) and has allowed the plaintiff Department Managers to continue seeking unpaid overtime in court.  In this case, the Department Managers (represented by the Hayber Law Firm) were paid a type of “half time overtime” … [Read More]

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Connecticut Supreme Court Takes Up Whistleblower Case!

The Connecticut Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case against Swiss bank UBS by a former employee. In this case, the former employee sued UBS after he was terminated, allegedly because he complained that various assets held by UBS were overvalued and, as such, would harm investors. See www.wsj.com. Mr. Trusz claims that … [Read More]

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Double Damages for Overtime and Minimum Wage Violations in Connecticut May Soon be Mandatory!

Earlier this week Attorney Daniel Schwartz wrote a blog post titled Proposed Bill Would Double Damages for Overtime Violations. I disagree with several points made in this post.  The problem isn’t with the law, it’s with the fact that employers continue to misclassify their employees and underpay them. To begin with, the proposed Connecticut rule … [Read More]

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Payless Shoes Pays its Managers Less, Settles Case for $2.9 Million

On March 14, 2014, a group of Payless shoe store employees, specifically Store Managers and Store Leaders, filed a complaint in a Connecticut federal court alleging that they had been misclassified under the  Fair Labor Standards Act and therefore wrongfully denied overtime pay.  (Shallin et al. v. Payless Shoesource, Inc. et al., Case No. 3:14-cv-00335-RNC.) … [Read More]

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U.S. Supreme Court Upholds DOL Rule that Mortgage Loan Officers Are Entitled to Overtime Pay

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a federal appeals opinion that had invalidated a U.S. Department of Labor interpretation stating that Mortgage Loan Officers are entitled to overtime pay.Click here to read the Supreme Court Opinion. The details of the opinion are tricky, and involve how the U.S. DOL makes its rules and whether it … [Read More]

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Can my employer make me provide my personal cell phone number for emergency or after hours work calls?

It seems that there are a few issues here- a privacy issue, a working hours issue, and a bill issue. First, there is no law stating that you have a right to keep your personal cell phone number private.  However, if you are worried about inappropriate contact with one or more coworkers (for example, someone … [Read More]

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Compass Group sued in Collective Action alleging Assistant Managers should have been paid overtime.

The compass group, a North Carolina based food-service management and support company, has been sued in a collective action accusing it of failing to pay overtime wages to its assistant managers. Compass group describes itself on its website as the leading food-service management and support services company in the United States and Canada. Claims to … [Read More]

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Can I be disciplined for taking time off on short notice to care for my sick child?

This depends on whether the FMLA applies to your employer, to you, and to your child’s illness.  Your employer large enough to be covered by the federal FMLA if it has 50 or more employees at or around your workplace (75 for the Connecticut FMLA to apply).  You are covered by the FMLA if you … [Read More]

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Can I date someone at work? What if my boss buys me roses?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought we would tackle this thorny question. Anyway, the answer to the first question depends on your workplace.  For good reason, many workplaces have policies prohibiting or discouraging workplace relationships.  UConn’s policy is a good example.  These policies exist to protect workers who may also be subordinates to the persons … [Read More]

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Can my employer pay me using a pre-paid ATM card?

Maybe not.  Often, the banks that issue these cards charge fees to withdraw money or use them to pay for items.  This results in you being paid less money for your work.  An employee in California who was paid her final wages on one of these cards filed a lawsuit, which was recently settled. Read … [Read More]

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